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Our Code of Conduct !

All members of Telangana Chamber of Events Industry are expected to conform to the Code of Conduct, as stated:

Relationship With Clients :

  • Dealings with clients to be conducted in an ethical manner.
  • The terms of agreements should be clearly and precisely expressed and fulfilled in good faith.
  • Work undertaken should be carried out promptly and efficiently.
  • The interests of clients must be safeguarded and confidentiality maintained.

Relationship With Fellow Members :

  • Encourage Member-to-deal-with-only-a-Member style of business.
  • Dealings with fellow members to be conducted in a positive and professional manner and with the utmost courtesy and fairness.
  • Property rights, confidential data and vendor/client relations of fellow members need to be respected.
  • No engagement in harmful, disparaging or predatory tactics must be entertained.

Relationship With Employees :

  • Members should encourage Events, Exhibitions and Programs as an instrument for social and economic good.
  • They need to act as good corporate citizens and fulfill their responsibilities to the community.

Intellectual Property Protection :

  • Members shall have respect for the others intellectual property rights
  • Shall not encourage infringement of any intellectual property rights.